Ultimate Machining and Engineering, Inc.

Refreshed and Ready

While they focus on business-relevant work, small businesses’ websites often fall through the cracks. It’s important to remember that it’s still their best way of representing themselves online.

I worked with Ultimate Machining and Engineering, a small tooling company in Chicago’s western suburbs to update their website. In addition to a general stylistic modernization of the site, the new website was designed to complement Ultimate’s updated marketing strategies.

The design part of the work focused on two main strategies: Firstly, the pages needed to be responsive and informative, to look good on screens ranging from retina-resolution mobile phones to large monitors. Secondly, display the work and the pride that Ultimate’s employees take in their work in their best light.

A second modernization was performed on the backend. Because the new site needs to be easy to update, we use Perch as a super-simple backend CMS, replacing static HTML files. Additionally, we’ve attached monitoring tools such as Google Tag Manager to the site, allowing for easy oversight of this business’s growing online component.

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