Jamie Berg Photography

Keeping Up With Fashion

I worked with fashion photographer Jamie Berg on the update of her portfolio website in the spring and summer of 2010.

The fashion and fashion publishing industries have historically been Mac-based and have always been populated by peripatetics and jet-setters. After the introduction of the iPad in 2010, they rapidly transitioned to an iPad-based support ecosystem. Fashion photographers, who had typically chosen Flash-based websites to present their work due to its more power design abilities needed to quickly modify their websites to be viewable by potential clents.

This was the problem facing Jamie. In addition to refreshing the site, we needed to update the portfolio to include her most recent work and make it drop-dead simple for her to modify.

jamieberg.com was designed to feature her work front-and-center. The photograph is the focal point of every page.

A slider used on the website

A custom slideshow feature was designed and implemented (at the time, most slideshows were not touch-accesible). While keeping the overall look of the site comparable with other professionals’, Jamie and I worked in uniquely personal touches that reflected her aesthetic sensibilities.

Visit jamieberg.com.